What is Correspondence Coaching?

What in the hell is correspondence coaching you are wondering? Good question! I made it up myself!

Correspondence Coaching combines the power of journaling and coaching, in sessions delivered via email. According to the American Psychological Association “writing is no stranger to therapy”. Being able to express what is on your mind, without needing to be mindful of tact, volume, or whether or not the person listening to you can understand you, it truly liberating!

But wait, it gets better… “Venting emotions alone-whether through writing or talking-is not enough to relieve stress, and thereby improve health, Joshua Smyth, PhD, of Syracuse University emphasizes. To tap writing’s healing power, people must use it to better understand and learn from their emotions, he says.”

Once you have vented all of your emotions and experiences onto the page (email or otherwise), with correspondence coaching you send it to me, to help you understand and move forward.

Ok, so how will it work?

I will always post thought-starters on Instagram if you need a place to start.

Submit your response here by a Wednesday.

I will reply by the following Saturday once payment has been made.

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  1. I absolutely love writing therapy with Roch! Firstly, writing is so cathartic, but knowing that someone is out there to read it makes me feel accountable to actually sit down and confront difficult emotions. I always feel so much better after writing it all down, and with coaching the bonus is getting feedback on how to move forward with whatever I’m going through in a genuine supportive way. Roch is an incredibly gifted coach with soooo much wisdom. She has definitely helped me a lot in my personal and business life!

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