Benefits Of A Private Yoga Session

Been wondering about yoga after seeing it EVERYWHERE for the past few years?

I get it, walking into a yoga studio is intimidating! Especially with the reputation yoga has built up lately. Even gym yoga can seem a little daunting. Whatever your reason may be, a private session offers you the luxury of just that, privacy!

On top of shameless bending and snapping, the one-on-one time together creates a space for you and me to hone in on your body specifically.

This is the best part!

Here I get to tweak each and every muscle and movement so that you really get to learn more about your own body in every posture and the spaces in between.

This will flow over into your yoga practice elsewhere as well as any exercise practice you do or life in general (good posture is everything people).

Get in touch if you want to chat through some options.

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