I have personally learned that nothing in life is worth losing your sense of peace over. Sometimes we truly need a hand in getting that feeling back, but we all know what our version of a good life feels and looks like if we take the time to connect with it. If we didn't know that, we wouldn't be unhappy with what we currently have. 

 In the practice of coming back, again and again, fine-tuning yourself for the present moment through mindfulness and movement, we can get you there.

This doesn't mean that life will become perfect, but it means that we can learn to suffer less. We can learn to forgive and we can learn how to heal. 

Simply, we get to enjoy more.

I am a certified Life Coach and have had my practice since 2017. I have a specific interest in helping my clients feel more grounded, and fulfilled in their lives, through their choices.

I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with 200 hours in Vinyasa Yoga, 50 hours in Yin Yoga, and 25 Hours in Sculpt HIIT Yoga.