What is Correspondence Coaching?

What in the hell is correspondence coaching you are wondering? Good question! I made it up myself!

Correspondence Coaching combines the power of journaling and coaching, in sessions delivered via email. According to the American Psychological Association “writing is no stranger to therapy”. Being able to express what is on your mind, without needing to be mindful of tact, volume, or whether or not the person listening to you can understand you, it truly liberating!

But wait, it gets better… “Venting emotions alone-whether through writing or talking-is not enough to relieve stress, and thereby improve health, Joshua Smyth, PhD, of Syracuse University emphasizes. To tap writing’s healing power, people must use it to better understand and learn from their emotions, he says.”

Once you have vented all of your emotions and experiences onto the page (email or otherwise), with correspondence coaching you send it to me, to help you understand and move forward.

Ok, so how will it work?

I will always post thought-starters on Instagram if you need a place to start.

Submit your response here by a Wednesday.

I will reply by the following Saturday once payment has been made.

Coaching Price List

Let’s see what is going to work for you, based on where you are right now.

One-on-One coaching – R600 / $60 / € 60

60 minutes

This is a confidential chat, shameless venting session, or good old heart-to-heart. The time is yours. You get to share online or in-person and we work on creating space between you and your thoughts. We will challenge some of the ideas that you have about yourself, and your situation and allow you the freedom to decide on what to do next, offering you the support to make your new choices.

Available online or in person.

Correspondence Coaching – R250 / $30 / € 30

For those who do not have time to book a one-on-one session or are perhaps not ready to share vocally. Correspondence coaching allows you to write down your challenges and thoughts and send them to me by an agreed-upon day of the week. I will write back within an agreed-upon time with feedback. This form of coaching taps into the journaling benefits of writing down your thoughts freely and also allows you the space and comfort of doing it at your own pace while getting feedback and guidance.

Body and Mind – R700 / $110 / € 110

90 minutes

This holistic session includes coaching, meditation, and yoga. During this session, we will connect you to the concept of your mind and body working holistically to achieve a sense of grounding.

Send Me A Message To Book A Session

    My Approach

    Through working with my own Life Coach I realized that my purpose is to heal. My journey started with healing myself which in essence has allowed me to heal others. The strength I get to feel when I move and build up my body. As well as the strength I develop when I exercise my mind, has truly changed who I have become.

    Life is largely about how we respond to the situations around us. Between every situation and response, there is space. In that space, there is a sense of freedom. Gaining access to the extent and outcome of that space, can give you a sense of power and control over your choices and therefore your life.

    When we become conscious of our thoughts and begin working with them, we create that space between ourselves and the thoughts. We can then learn or regain our understanding of who we are. 

    During this process, perspective and a way forward can be achieved.

    Sessions include openly sharing in a neutral space of non-judgment. We then pull apart some of the reasons why you may be feeling the way that you are. By interrogating the way you got to your confusions about yourself, we can demystify and recreate a lot of what you think.